Daughtry offers its best compilation

Posted April 26, 2016


For the first time ever, any fan of the American rock band “Daughtry,” will have the opportunity to hear all of the band’s mainstream singles in one single place.

Daughtry“It’s Not Over … The Hits So Far,” is the first greatest hits album by “Daughtry” and it was released to fans on Feb. 12, 2016.

The band’s ultimate compilation features most of its most powerful songs released from the band’s first four studio albums, plus two new singles.

The hits collection comes a decade after Chris Daughtry, the band’s lead singer, came in fourth place on the fifth season of American Idol.

This 13-track collection doesn’t contain every single the band has issued to radio.

However, Daughtry has amassed enough hits to create a selection of their best hits.

I think that any Daughtry fan will not be disappointed after buying this album. The older songs will bring back memories from the first time they ever heard them.

The band’s main target with “It’s Not Over …The Hits So Far,” is to keep it real and original with their two new songs.

On this new release, the band works along side Dave Bassett, an American songwriter and record producer with many charting singles.

“Torches,” was the first single released on Jan. 29 as the album’s lead single.

The song was written at Basset’s beach house in Malibu, Calif. The main idea of the single is to create conscience to use our energy to spread positivity rather than negativity.

The second new song included in the album is “Go Down.” In this song, they are bringing back the strong sound of guitars. It’s got kind of an indie, heavy alternative vibe. It’s definitely heavy, but it has a catchy rhythm.

This new CD fits the casual fan and the collector. The casual fan might want to grab this album and have all the hits on one CD. The collector will want the CD for the artwork, liner notes and the two previously unreleased tracks “Torches” and “Go Down.”

The album includes hits like “It’s Not Over” and “Feels Like Tonight,” both from “Daughtry,” the band’s debut studio album released in 2006. Also hits like “No Surprise” and “Crawling Back to You,” both from the band’s second studio Album “Leave This Town,” released in 2009.

Also, I would recommend getting the Walmart exclusive because it comes with an extra CD with even more Daughtry’s songs. And if you were a die-hard fan, you would probably want that.

Overall, this is a great album and these guys rock and really deserve more recognition.