Kanye West lives ‘Life of Pablo’

Posted April 6, 2016


Kanye West has done it again. Whether you absolutely hate him or you are his No. 1 fan, there is no negating the artistic and musical influence that Kanye has shed on the millennial generation.

Beginning with his debuting album “College Dropout” in 2004, Kanye has since transformed and reshaped the world of hip-hop music with his musicality, personality and artistic collaborations.

After taking a three-year pause from music to focus on his fashion line, Yeezy, Kanye is back stronger than ever before with the release of his diverging album, “The Life of Pablo.”

But is the release even the appropriate word we can use? Aside from the groundbreaking musical quality that can be found within the album, of course it comes as no surprise that Kanye would need to deliver his new work in a far from conventional manner.

“The Life of Pablo” was initially played during Kanye’s “Season 3” fashion show at Madison Square Garden during New York Fashion Week, as well as streaming live on music app, TIDAL.

TIDAL, an app mirroring that of Spotify and owned by music mogul Jay Z, still to this day is the only exclusive holder to the streaming rights of “The Life of Pablo,” sparking 1.5 million new users, along with the downfall of several illegal downloading issues across the internet.

So in turn, is the album even technically released yet? According to Kanye, the album will never make its way onto iTunes, making “The Life of Pablo” much more than just his music, but also his own public statement regarding his feelings of the music industry and its carriers.

Yet, after all this controversy, is the musical quality of ‘The Life of Pablo” more than its media hype? The answer could be yes or no. Kanye has made an album, as informal as that of a mix tape, and as confusing to its listeners as it was for them to obtain it.

Known for his famous collaborations and the meshing of different funky genres, Kanye has made all the tracks on “The Life of Pablo” different from the next, creating juxtaposition between church gospel, rap and obscure hip-hop beats.

The musical manufacturing is unique, whereas the lyrical content could be seen as otherwise. Kanye includes tracks like “I love Kanye” where he openly freestyles about his own arrogance and fame. Other lines within the album are far from appropriate, seemingly using vulgar jargon for the sake of it rhyming or working within that specific bar.

Additionally, Kanye uses the album as a personal mechanism to insult and voice his opinion about anyone and everyone. He calls out other players and artists in his industry such as Nike and Taylor Swift.

Kanye does, however, deliver insightful lyrics in “30 Hours,” “No Parties in LA,” and “Real Friends.” In these tracks, his lyrical content seems more honest and respectful, relatable to listeners struggling with real life problems like anxiety, relationships and friendships.

All in all, “The Life of Pablo” can be described as confusing — in every regard. But, this is an accurate rendition of exactly what Kanye himself is to the world. He is pompous, rash, irrational, and some would argue delusional, but there is no negating his artistic genius, which is successfully exemplified by his newly released album.

  • Album: “The Life of Pablo”
  • Artist: Kanye West
  • Release Date: Feb. 14, 2016
  • Label: GOOD Music
  • Genre: Hip Hop Music