Bon Fromage offers simple, elegant food

Posted March 15, 2013


The floor-to-ceiling windows prove that a place like Bon Fromage has nothing to hide.

A wall full of rare hand-selected wines twinkle in the husky light of the cozy interior of the restaurant. This posh deli is ideal for those who seek a healthy option and have a educated palate for cheeses, wine and, most importantly, sandwiches.

Located on Brickell Avenue, this delicious restaurant is a secret known to Brickell locals, but about which all of Miami should know. Although the casual ambiance gives the feeling of a relaxed night out with friends, the quality of the food is the same used in an elegant gourmet restaurant. The wheels of cheese displayed by the register satisfy the loyal cheese savvy customer.

The service reflects that of the relaxed cozy environment. There are two options for the service. There are tables outside and inside, and there is obviously the choice to take it on the go.  Either choice will result in great service. The wait for the food varies from 10 to 15 minutes, a decent amount of time for the marvelous meal.

Simplicity meets elegance when it comes to the food. The sandwiches range from few to many ingredients, but what stands out is the quality.  It all begins with the selection of the bread. The choices are whole wheat, baguette, and focaccia. The magic however is inside. The Ham and Brie ($9.95) is a special sandwich with black forest ham, Apricot Chutney, Mustard Aioli, and mixed greens.

Of course, there are more options when the craving is for something other than a sandwich. A gourmet soup is available everyday, as well as the choice of varied salads as unique as the sandwiches. Blue Cheese Pear ($9.95) is another creation unique to this location. It includes blue cheese, pear, avocado, red onion, caramelized walnuts, tangy dressing and mixed greens.

Similar is the salty salad Cilantro Shrimp Lime ($12.95) containing Monterey jack cheese, mixed greens, shrimp, fresh corn, roasted sweet pepper, tortilla crisps and cilantro lime dressing. Now, those who are too shy to experiment also have the more traditional choices, like the Classic Caesar or Classic Greek Salad.

Bon Fromage even offers catering services for events. It would be a choice that everyone would like. In fact, there are many choices for vegetarians.

The problem with most restaurants for vegetarians is that once the animal product is removed, the dishes seem somewhat empty. That does not happen in Bon Fromage. The majority of the sandwiches are so full of ingredients that removing the meat from them would not sacrifice the kaleidoscope of flavors in each bite.

When craving some of the best quality deli meals in Miami accompanied by unique wine or a selection of beers, there is only one place to go. It is open from nine in the morning to 10 at night, giving ample time for brunch, lunch, afternoon or dinner plans. It even has an extended half hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Place: Bon Fromage
  • Location: 500 Brickell Ave., No. 106, Miami, Fla. 33131
  • Telephone: 786-329-5632
  • Alcohol Options: Wine and Beer
  • Hours: 9- 10, 10:30 on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Ambiance: Classy Casual
  • Wait Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Price Range: $7- $18
  • Service: A+
  • Food Quality: A+
  • Rating: A+