Miami ballet spectacular in ‘Quixote’

Posted May 3, 2014


With dance season coming to a close, hundreds gathered at the Adrianne Arsht Center for Performing Arts to witness as the Miami City Ballet concluded its final weekend with the story of “Don Quixote,” on April 11.

Directed by Lourdes Lopez, the program combined infectious music with the elegant grace of Miami’s finest dancers, creating a spectacular performance like never before.

Don Quixote program cover (Photo courtesy of The Miami City Ballet).

Don Quixote program cover (Photo courtesy of The Miami City Ballet).

The joyous, full-length production of “Don Quixote,” takes the viewer from the stage in Miami and transports them to an imperial Spain filled with heroic bullfighters and mysterious gypsies in the classic tale of love and chivalry.

The music, orchestrated by Leon Minkus, was familiar yet soothing and made it almost impossible to keep from swaying your head back and forth with the beat. The quintessential sounds of flutes, violins, synthesizers, tambourines and the triangle amplified the ambiance of the performing arts theatre.

The ballet dancers danced across the stage effortlessly with the beauty and grace of Princess Diana. With perfect plies, tendu, demi-pointe and frappe movements, the exquisite dancers moved impeccably with the rhythm of the music. Tip-toeing across the stage, the culminating dancers received tremendous support and applause from the audience.

Most notable were the costumes, designed by Haydee Morales. Filled with vibrant color and exquisite detail, the costumes helped portray the culture and setting of Spain. The elegantly vibrant tutus were truly a work of art themselves; it was as though they belonged in an animated Disney movie.

According to the Miami City Ballet website, the matador’s costume was called the “suite of lights,” due to the sparkling rhinestones, beads and gold and silver threads combined with his swirling capes to fight off the bulls.  Even from the last row, the costumes captivated attention and provided an enchantment that made it impossible to look away from.

You don’t even have to know the story of Don Quixote to understand the ballet performance (provided, it always helps). The dancers are dramatic, the costumes are vivid, the props are sleeked yet minimal and the music compliments the dance so perfectly, it’s as if a narrator were telling a story.

The two hour and 14 minute performance included three acts with two 15-minute intermissions. Although the second intermission was more than unnecessary, it gave those annoyed by the loud chatter of disrespectful audience members a chance to grab more alcohol.

Bravo to the Miami City Ballet for producing yet another brilliant performance. Indeed, they have successfully fulfilled their promise to thrill and entertain viewers. If you missed out this season, don’t fret because next season is guaranteed to be both promising and alluring.

  • The Miami City Ballet presents: Program IV: Don Quixote
  • Adrianne Arsht Center for Performing Arts, Miami, Fla.
  • Ticket prices: $35-$175
  • Run time: 2 hours 14 min
  • Dates: April 11-April 13 final weekend
  • Directed by Lourdes Lopez
  • Orchestrated by Leon Minkus
  • Choreography by Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky
  • Costumes by Haydee Morales
  • Performers: Mary Carmen Catoya as Kitri; Carlos Miguel Guerra as Don Quixote