Garratt successful with debut ‘Phase’

Posted March 24, 2016


“Phase,” Jack Garratt’s debut album, is a true success in the making and the beginning of a very successful future.

Garratt, a 24-year-old British singer and songwriter, released his first album “Phase” on Feb. 19 and is slowly gaining ground. It is featured on the new releases chart on iTunes next to famous names like G Easy, Sia and Wiz Khalifa.

What sets “Phase” apart from other indie rock is its sound. Mixing piano and electronica beats; Garratt has created calming music with a mesmerizing beat. One would think this seems like an easy thing, but when putting thought into it, one realizes that it is odd to find music that is relaxing but at the same time interesting and motivating to listen to.

Garratt, who is from a small English town called Little Chalfont, began writing music at age 12. The singer and songwriter can be categorized as an electro-pop artist, who is known for his use of electric guitar, drum machines and the keyboards.

The beginning of Garratt’s career was in 2005 when he competed in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, but in 2014 Garratt’s music took off. That year he released “Worry” and “The Love You’re Given,” and soon after in 2016 released his new debut album “Phase.” Garratt has preformed in various festivals, and has supported artists on tour like Mumford and Sons, during their 2015 UK tour.

Garratt’s new album “Phase” is a combination of slow and a fast song that all have the Garratt sound and style and perfectly exhibits his versatility as a musician and singer.

Not only do the mixing of music styles set Garratt apart, but also his voice is like no other. His voice is a mix of raspy rock and roll mixed with pop is the best way to explain it. His voice is iconic and can be compared to iconic voices like Adele and Justin Timberlake, which can be recognized easily.

“Phase” is a deluxe album that comes with two CDS with 12 songs on one CD and seven on the second.

The album features one song with three parts that are each individual tracks. The first part of “Synesthesia” does not feature any singing and is just different mixes of multiple instruments and electronic beats.

Part II follows the same beat and style but introduces deep lyrics about the coalescence of two minds, “But first I’ll open up your mind and coalesce with mine,” wrote Garratt. Part II steals the show and leaves all the other songs on the album in the dust. A perfect mix of lyrics and beats the song is great and really shows off Garratt’s style. He is great at finding the right timing for each lyric and beat drop.

Part III is similar to Part II but, at the same time, distinct in the fact that it introduces more electronic beats, and has a beat in the background that reminds one of a heartbeat. The song repeats the lyrics “I hope you know that if I have to go, it’s only if you want me to. I hope the sounds you see could help you paint a picture of me and you.” The second and third part of “Synesthesia” tells a story of falling in love and the union of two minds and then the separation of those minds.

Part III really expresses the pain of separating from someone you love and the physical reactions to that separation. The music has a very fast and strong pace that fluctuates many times and resembles that of a faltering heart beat that is racing. Through lyrics and beats, Garratt relates to all of us because we all know what it feels like to loose something that was once our entire world.

The album also features two versions of the song “Water,” an acoustic version and a non-acoustic version. It is hard to decide which version is better. The lyrics of the both tracks are what really make the love song. Water is the metaphor Garratt uses to talk about the feeling of losing control that occurs when you fall in love. Garratt sings about how one can be washed over by love but reminds us, “Its short-lived, boys.”

The acoustic version is done on piano, as he sings you feel goose bumps, as each note that he hits is full of emotion and feelings, something that is very rare in today’s music world.

Overall, “Phase” is a great debut album that is sure to have success. Garratt has been awarded Introducing Artist of the Year and Sound of 2016 by the BBC and a Critics Choice award by the BRIT Awards, and this is just the beginning. Garratt’s talent is incredible and it would not be surprising if his list of awards got bigger by the end of the year.

  • Album: “Phase”
  • Artist: Jack Garratt
  • Label: Island Records
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Release date: Feb. 19, 2016
  • Format: CD and Digital Download
  • Special Features: Deluxe edition includes seven additional songs