A panoramic view of sandy white beaches, flailing palm trees in a salty breeze, and buildings with color palettes fit for gelatos. The Miami Beach skyline is one with a unique personality, having been used for decades by the television industry and now becoming one of the hottest scenes for music and radio.

South Florida is one of the few areas that can recognize its Sunday plan — such as a picnic on South Beach — on national television shows like “Burn Notice.” It is also one of the few places that David Guetta, the world’s best DJ, is broadcast live on a South Florida radio station on Friday nights.

Also a sizzling hub for Spanish audiences, the audio-visual industry of Miami has become the launching pad of national American and Spanish-speaking broadcasters such as NBC/Telemundo and Univision Communications. The radio and television shows are even broadcasted internationally, giving countries like as Colombia a glimpse of South Florida.

The familiar skyline of South Beach leaves both American and Latin American audiences a clear setting in shows like “Burn Notice,” “CSI Miami,” and a handful of telenovelas, or Latin-American soap operas.

In this section of our Web site, we review South Florida’s emblematic setting and reactions to visual and audio entertainment. We can give you insight to the hottest television and radio shows locally, nationally and internationally.

 — Alejandra Acuna
Spring 2013

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