Reynolds hilarious in ‘Deadpool’

Posted April 6, 2016


“Deadpool,” a flick about ex-special forces operative (Ryan Reynolds) turned anti-superhero who falls victim of a mutation experiment leaving him with superpowers, is a very unconventional take on the average action film.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the main character, Wade Wilson, subjects himself to an experiment promising to heal him. In reality, he is plagued with hideous burned skin and an accelerated healing strength.

Instead of giving up, Wilson takes on the superhero persona of Deadpool and seeks to avenge the villain who did this to him. Filled with hilarity and satire, director Tim Miller eccentrically orchestrated an ultra-violent, action packed, unique version of a Marvel classic.

Wade Wilson’s character was far from boring. Filled with sexual innuendos, vulgar commentary and many “2016” references and jokes, the immature and comical nature of “Deadpool” made it a modern day rendition of a classic comic book superhero flick.

Would viewers ever expect a Marvel character to be referencing Facebook and other A-List Hollywood stars in dialogue? Absolutely not. This is what made “Deadpool” so refreshing. It was not expected whatsoever— the first ever film to successfully accomplish its genre, successfully combining comedy with action.

Aside from his super strength to heal, Reynolds jokes are a super force to be reckoned with. His gags are constant, sometimes immature and other times exhausting for the viewer.

In a scene attempting to beat up his steel co-superhero, Colossus, and failing, Deadpool stares down at his limp hands and feet mumbling that every dinosaur was scared of T-Rex. Although juvenile and witty, contemporary asides like this made it memorable and familiar to viewers.

Nonetheless, there were obviously dramatic moments to play into the action. This same easygoing comedic attitude made the heavy and dark scenes that much more light. This was particularly true in the instance where AJAX, the villain of the flick, was torturing and mutating Wilson and other victims. Deadpool came out of the experiment looking painfully demented, but his persistent sense of humor is what drew satire and allowed for the viewer to understand the overall learning lesson: looks aren’t everything in life.

While the lesson was clear, “Deadpool” was far from perfect. Although filled with tons of quotes that an average teenager today would pick up on and appreciate, the plot itself was very boring and anti-climatic. It was the typical scenario expected of any superhero movie.

AJAX, the villain, was neither scary nor distinctive and the two other super powered characters, Colossus and the Negasonic Teenage Warhead, were neither stimulating nor dominant. These characters lacked personality and their character development felt completely bland, boring and stereotypical. If Deadpool did not have an overshadowing sense of humor, it would be suspected that viewers would walk out or lose interest in the storyline.

That being said, it doesn’t negate the fact that “Deadpool” is an easy-to-watch blockbuster hit. Comedy, action and romance all bundled into one genre; the flick did a great job of drawling the attention of its viewers. Deadpool is a fun character, remarkably played and executed by Reynolds, giving life to a modern day and unusual fast-mouthed action hero.

  • “Deadpool”
  • Rated R: violence, sexual content and graphic nudity
  • Fantasy / Science Fiction
  • Run time: 1 hour, 48 minutes
  • Release date: Feb. 12, 2016 (USA)
  • Director: Tim Miller
  • Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin
  • Rating: 4 stars